What are the requirements for receiving medical marijuana in California?

You cannot get medical marijuana in California without a valid, current recommendation from a medical doctor or a specialist licensed in California. We do not make referrals; however a general list of doctors who provide letters of recommendation can be found on the California NORML website Click Here. Please also note that insurance does not yet cover evaluations by a physician or medicine costs.

How do I join Charity Collective?

To try our service, Please SHOP HERE! to place your order. Once we verify your doctors recommendation, during checkout, we will contact you to confirm your FREE delivery!

If you do not receive a response within 20 minutes of ordering please call us at (818) 397-7707

What is the minimum amount of medical marijuana that I need to order?

Minimums are $50 or $100 or $150 (in rare cases) depending on your location. Chances are, if you’re within 10 miles of Hollywood, it’s just going to be a $50 minimum. After you order, if there is a problem, we’ll let you know.

How much medical marijuana may I carry on me legally at one time? How many marijuana plants can I legally grow at one time?

The quantity possessed by the patient, and the form and manner in which it is possessed, should be reasonably related to the patient’s current medical needs, including transportation. The number of plants you may legally grow at one time varies in different parts of the state. A full explanation of patients’ rights and growth restrictions may be found on the California Norml website. CLICK HERE to read more.

Do you give discounts to patients with special needs?

Yes. We offer compassion to the poor and seriously ill. If you’re having a difficult time affording your medicine, get in touch! We’re launching a program we think might help you get free medicine. Contact us for more information.

Am I allowed to give or sell the product I buy from you to anyone else?

No. Under California law, use of medical marijuana is for verified patients’ use only. Patients acknowledge and agree that they will use it for their own personal use and will not sell it to others.

Is possession in California legal under Federal law?

No. Possession, cultivation and use of marijuana, even for medical purposes, and even with a doctor’s recommendation, are still illegal under Federal law. The state of California however supports the use of medical marijuana.

Do you submit my records to any government agency?

No, all of our records are private, your information is for medical verification only.

If I am stopped, am I required to submit to a search?

If you are stopped, you are not required to submit to a search. Instead, you can say “I believe in my constitutional right to privacy and I do not consent to a search.”

I still have questions. What now?

Call us! Write us! We’re here to help.

Phone: (818) 397-7707

E-mail: charitycollective@gmail.com